Why Routines in Childcare Are Important

Why Routines in Childcare Are Important


Establishing good routines is an important part of supporting early childhood development. In childcare, routines can help children feel confident as they learn and grow. 

At childcare, your child will participate in a range of daily programs and routines that promote social, emotional, and academic development. Consistent routines can provide your child with a sense of security and belonging as they navigate new experiences at their childcare centre.

Here are just a few reasons why routines are so important in a childcare environment. 

Developing social skills

At childcare, the routines your child becomes used to can play a valuable role in helping them develop important social skills. Every day, your child will work alongside their peers and educators to maintain daily routines and schedules. 

Some childcare routines require children to take turns, wait patiently, and share toys with others. These skills are essential in helping your child learn to navigate the world and become a skilled learner. They also help children make friends! 

Supporting academic learning

Childcare routines can also have a role in supporting academic learning. At childcare, your child will engage with curriculum-guided learning programs that involve a strong routine element, helping to provide consistency. 

Every day, your child will take part in new learning programs and activities that provide them with a foundation in important academic concepts. Routines for learning processes, styles, and structures can help children know what to expect and engage more with new educational programs. 

Building children’s confidence

Routines can also assist with children’s confidence. By improving consistency,. childcare routines help children predict their day and the activities they will participate in at their centre. Your child will be able to confidently approach every day, feeling secure in their understanding of daily routines. 

As children become used to the routines at their early learning centre, they can begin to feel more secure in their environment. This is helpful in supporting children’s ongoing learning and can also reduce feelings of worry or anxiety. 

Improving independence

Through routines, children learn many important life skills, including those that support their independence. Childcare routines may require your child to serve their own food, tie their own shoelaces, or care for their belongings. 

By developing independence at childcare, children can learn how to look after themselves and engage with new challenges and environments. Children who develop independence skills at childcare are better equipped for future learning opportunities.  

Promoting school readiness

At childcare, your child has an opportunity to prepare for school and the new challenges they will face in their education journey. Routines help children become familiar with the structures of a school day, making the transition easier. 

Through childcare routines, your child can practice important skills that they will use in a school environment. They can improve their listening skills and learn to follow instructions from educators. These things can make it easier for your child to succeed at school and beyond. 

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