Why is Learning Shapes and Their Names Important in Real-life?

Why is Learning Shapes and Their Names Important in Real-life?


In mathematics, shapes play an important role and help us deal with many real-life situations. Learning shapes allow students to differentiate and sort out visual data and enrich their interest in learning abilities in other educational activities, including assignments, puzzles, maths, and science. For example, an early stage in learning numbers and letters includes identifying their shapes. As we know, geometry will be taught to students in their primary or high school classes, starting with the basic geometrical figures such as point, line, curve, circle, etc. Generally, an enormous part of geometry is taught in elementary and preschools to make the kids aware of the basic shapes around them. 

When you observe your circumstance, you might notice different shapes, i.e., things at the house or classroom. Thus, learning about all the geometric shapes will help kids understand many things in the real world. For instance, the knowledge of shapes will help them decide what fabrics to use for home decor and what design to make in the construction of buildings. Distinguishable cottages, cabins, resorts, some park areas and facilities are constructed in varied geometric shapes to present them with a new look and furnish appropriate ventilation inside. These will make them unique in appearance when compared with other constructions. 

In geometry, we have different shapes, such as two-dimensional shapes, 3D shapes, regular shapes, irregular shapes, solids, etc. Also, there are various shapes under all these categories. For example, circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, rhombus, trapezium, etc., are 2D shapes. Cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders, prisms, pyramids, etc., are 3D shapes. Also, square, rhombus, and equilateral triangles are regular figures, whereas a random shape with unequal sides is called an irregular shape. We can observe all these shapes in our surroundings in the form of various things such as doors, windows, wall designs, dining tables, gas cylinders, ice-cream cones, etc. 

In addition to gaining knowledge of shapes and their names, it is also essential to learn various parameters associated with these shapes. For example, learning how to find the area and perimeter of shapes will help us decide the amount of space occupied by a particular table, window, door, or any other things and furniture at home. Also, finding the areas of irregular shapes will help us to organise things attractively. Furthermore, they help us to decide on many things related to home decor and other essentials for leading a comfortable life, even if you stay in a small house or room. Thus, learning shapes and their names will help us identify the shape of essential things that we use every day.

Learning about different shapes and their names will always help us deal with many things in our daily existence. Suppose you go to the furniture shop to buy a circular-shaped table. You need to ask the seller to show that particular shaped table. In that case, you need to specify the name of that shape and recognise the exact one you need. This way, we can use the names of different geometrical shapes in multiple places.

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