Turn Your Home into A Smart Home: Here’s what to Consider

Turn Your Home into A Smart Home: Here’s what to Consider

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Everyone on the internet is somehow trying to get you to shift towards using smart tech these days. Social media apps especially like that Tik Tok is hyping up such smart products, and they’re all over Instagram too. And surely these apps are the new marketing platform but are these products really worth all the hype?

If you’re confused about whether you should cave in and invest in some of your own smart techs, we might be able to help you think straight in order to make a decision. Here’s what you should consider before trying to convert your house into a modern smart home.

Facts That You Should Keep In Mind

1. Price

Some of these smart gadgets can be a bit on the pricier side. Since they’re mostly incorporated with up-to-date technology and some sort of new-age artificial intelligence, the price of some of these smart gadgets is justifiable – though still expensive to some.

If you’re really considering getting more than the basics to genuinely make your house smarter, you might want to save up for a little while and maybe cut back on extra expenditures while you’re at it. Appliances like smart ovens for instance aren’t as cheap as a smart thermostat.

2. Internet Connectivity

One thing every new piece of tech has is some link to the internet. Smart cameras, smart doorbells, smart bulbs, and our smartphones for that matter – all need around-the-clock internet connectivity if you wish to utilize them properly.

Pretty much all smart devices have their own mobile apps that are accessible from your phone, so they can essentially be controlled from there. For example, smart camera video feeds can be viewed in real-time from your smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. As long as both your phone and the device have internet connectivity, you can see what’s going on at that exact moment, regardless of where you are in the world.

If your home has a steady Wi-Fi connection, you should be good to go.

But what’s The Hype About?

There’s a reason why oftentimes smart devices are referred to as investments. They may be expensive but they do have some long-term benefits on the whole.

1. Automation

Having a smart home can make your life infinitely simpler and easier. And it’s much easier to achieve that with so many smart devices and gadgets easily available.

The most basic of smart devices can make some routine things so much more convenient by becoming automated. Here’s an example: motion sensor LED lights can be used to make your driveway light up whenever your car pulls up. Similarly, smart bulbs are perfect for when you don’t want to get out of bed to turn the lights off – you can just tell your voice assistant to do it, or you can use the smartphone app.

2. Saving Energy

If you’re looking to cut back on some electricity bills, smart devices would do the trick. Unlike conventional devices, smart devices can be controlled via voice-enabled commands and smartphones, so you really only use them when you need to, which can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to the bills.

Smart thermostats for instance can work around a schedule instead of 24/7, and they also warn you when something’s wrong with the filter, so that you may be aware of any leaks in your HVAC system. Just like that, smart LED lights are controlled easily with just the tap of your finger. There is also the added advantage that smart lights are LED which means they consume less energy in general as opposed to regular light bulbs.

Smart devices often offer for users to set schedules for the devices through mobile apps. Not only does that work in favor of providing automation, but it leans more towards being able to prevent unnecessary wastage of electricity.

3. Security

Say goodbye to dark circles because with smart devices you’re going to get the best sleep which you probably haven’t in a while. Devices like smart door locks provide a keyless entry into your home, along with being tamperproof. It is literally the residents of the household who can access the door lock – whether they’re home or even when they’re away; all with the convenience of smart device phone apps.

So whether it is smart cameras or smart door locks, or even video doorbells, you can rest assured that you would be kept informed of all activities within and outside your homes. These devices send real-time alerts upon the doorbell ringing, any movement detected within the video and even logs of whenever the door lock was accessed throughout the day.

Should You Take the Plunge Then?

While there are some great advantages to smart devices in general, there are of course certain factors that should ideally be considered. Smart devices are slightly different than our smartphones and smart TVs, some devices that we are already quite used to. That is why we’d suggest you do your thorough research before making an investment in any of them, expensive or not.

And should you be interested in purchasing any after that, head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com and browse through their extensive Smart Home catalog. They might just have what you’re looking for!

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