Top 5 Tips for Planning a Trip to London

Top 5 Tips for Planning a Trip to London


Are you planning a trip to London in the near future? London is a fun and exciting city to visit. There’s so much to see!

If you’re visiting from overseas, there’s a lot that you have to think about and plan ahead of time.

Planning is the hard part. We have some advice from our own experiences. Keep reading to learn everything that you should do before visiting London so you have the best experience.

1. Convert Money Ahead of Time

In London, there are plenty of machines and shops that can convert your money for you, but these conversions come at a price. While it’s not substantial, it’s a good idea to avoid the hefty fees by converting your cash before you get there.

Some banks will convert money for you, so talk to your bank and see if they have any options available. While you’re at it, make sure that they know that you’ll be traveling so that it doesn’t look like suspicious activity. Airports also have conversion machines that have lower fees than the machines in London.

When all else fails, you should be able to use your credit or debit card when you’re in the UK. Talk to your credit card company or bank first to make sure.

2. Make Sure You Keep an Outlet Converter

Did you know that outlets are different around the world?

If you don’t grab an outlet converter ahead of time, you’ll be overpaying at a local shop. You need to use a converter if you want to charge your devices in your hotel or hostel.

3. Learn The Tube

When you’re in London, your primary mode of transportation will be the tube (otherwise known as the London Underground). Most major cities have something similar, but to newcomers, it’s a confusing setup.

Pay attention to maps before you get on the train. Each line color goes somewhere else on a different route. While it’s easy enough to fix your mistake if you end up on the wrong train, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the routes ahead of time.

4. Know Where to Keep Luggage

When you arrive, your room might not be available yet. Should you delay your day out?

You don’t have to. Whether you’re carrying heavy bags that you’d intended on keeping with you, or you have to store your luggage before you get into the hostel, finding storage options like luggage lockers will save the day.

Don’t overburden yourself with your luggage.

5. Keep a Portable Charger On Hand

There’s a lot to see in London, and it’s easy to forget how quickly your phone battery drains when you’re not paying attention to it, especially when you’re looking up landmarks, things to do, and directions to help you get around.

Don’t end up stranded without your phone. A portable charger is easy to carry around and it makes a huge difference.

Planning a Trip to London? Have Fun

There’s so much to consider when you’re planning a trip to London. While everyone knows the basics, like booking flights and making sure you have your passport, these are a few things that people overlook.

Keep this list in mind so you have a smooth trip to London.

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