The Incredible Beauty Benefits of Flowers

The Incredible Beauty Benefits of Flowers


Did you know flowers are not just meant for decoration? The natural compounds in flowers can impart several beauty benefits. Yes, you heard that, right! In today’s post, we will provide you with a list of flowers that possess incredible beauty benefits. Read on!


Hibiscus flowers have been used in beauty rituals for centuries. They are known for their cell rebirth properties that can rejuvenate your skin. Some women also use hibiscus oil to erase stubborn black spots because the natural acid they contain can accelerate cell turnover for a clearer complexion. Packed with vitamin C, it also increases collagen production and helps tighten the face, making it look firmer and younger.


Most of us are familiar with chamomile as it is commonly available as a tea in cafes and stores. It is known for its calming effect, which helps to induce sleep. It is known that, In ancient medicinal practices, chamomile is credited with many amazing qualities, including beauty. If you have puffiness around the eyes, use chamomile flowers as a compress on the eyes. It also helps to overcome tiredness.


Next on the list is rose! Used as rose water, face masks, lotions and even night creams, rose is included in many beauty products. With its hydrating and curing properties, the rose keeps the skin vibrant and even cleanses broken blood vessels. Its antibacterial properties make it ideal for oily and acne-prone people.


An all-time favourite, the benefits of jasmine are widely known. No wonder why you find it in various cosmetic products like face cream, lotion, soap, oil etc. jasmine is another flower that is loaded with benefits. Power-packed with antioxidants, jasmine extracts help flush out toxins from the skin and also helps in anti-ageing. You can also make jasmine spray mist by dissolving flowers in mineral water at night and putting them in a spray bottle. Store in the fridge and use it daily for a week and notice the difference in your skin.

Calendula or marigold

 It is known to reduce skin irritation and acne. It is also known to moisturize dry skin. Calendula oil is known to improve blood circulation, thus giving you a healthy glow. Marigold can help make your hair thicker by increasing blood circulation in the scalp that promotes faster hair growth.


This aromatic purple coloured plant provides relaxation for the skin as well as the mind. Its pleasant smell makes it suitable for a variety of scented products such as perfumes and bathing and body care products. Additionally, lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is an astringent, helps fight infection, prevents skin ageing, reduces inflammation, and itchy skin conditions like eczema.

Try these incredible flowers, and you will see a drastic change in your hair, skin and body. You can easily find these flowers online; all you need to do is search for an online florist and avail Flower delivery in Pune or wherever you reside. Have a happy and clear skin!

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