Ram Chary Everi- Tips For Sports Photographer For Beginners

Ram Chary Everi- Tips For Sports Photographer For Beginners


Sports photography is fun as you get to capture action-packed moments that later go down as memories. To become a good sports photographer, you must remember some practical yet straightforward tips. Use them every time you wish to capture players or the game in action and share them with the world. Be sure to be appreciated for your efforts as well as the outcome.

Ram Chary Everi is a leading photographer and graphic designer from the USA. He is 25 years old and an alumnus of Boston University. He is practicing his fine arts degree by covering various events and designing an extensive range of printed materials. He drives to the North East during his free time and gets his boat out for searching good tuna. He knows that fishing gets quite competitive; however, he always has a refreshing time when he is out on the water. 

He believes that growing up in Boston makes people get used to the water, which is what he appreciates. He is also a supporter of Oceana, a non-profit organization, and encourages citizens to become good stewards of their state with webinars, workshops, and other kinds of printed materials. 

Be aware of the rules of the game 

In his opinion, to become a better sports photographer, you first need to know the game’s rules. You can be in the middle of a game with your camera, and in case you are not aware of the practices, you will miss out on some great photographs. The better you are aware of the game’s rules; your pictures will be more professional. 

Check out resources online to know the rules of the game 

To know the game well, you can check out resources online. They will give you an insight into the rules of the sport. This will help you determine what resources to use, how to capture the best shots from different angles, and more. 

Know your camera well 

The last thing you want to do is fumble about with your camera in the middle of the excitement. In case you are a beginner and are trying out sports photography for the first time, you must ensure that you know your camera’s settings well enough. If you shoot in full auto mode, you will need to compromise on the quality of the photographs. Take some time to know about the different camera modes, especially manual and aperture priority. 

According to Ram Chary Everi make, sure, you use a breakneck shutter speed to capture players in real action. Remember, the faster your player moves, the quicker the camera’s shutter speed should be. You can use a slow shutter speed for sports like swimming; however, you need a fast shutter speed when it comes to sports like baseball. It would help plan your shooting positions where the subject faces you. For instance, when you are going in for a track meet, you should shoot with the issue facing the camera.

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