How To Choose A Tornado Safe Room

How To Choose A Tornado Safe Room

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Safe rooms are planned to stay undamaged during storms. When a tornado with a high speed hits a home, it will destroy the house, but your family members can survive if sheltered in the tornado safe room. Additionally, asafe room will help you get discounts from the insurance. Some countriesoffer an allowance to the residents who decide to build tornado safe rooms.

Here are the options you can have when choosing a safe room:

  1. Adding a safe room when building your house

It is an excellent option to build a safe room during the construction of your house. You can ask the contractors to add a convenient, safe room in your house. However, most new homes in storm areas are still constructed without a keen storm-safe room, even though it will add only a few expenses to the total budget of building the house.

  1. Install an above-ground shelter

You can install a small above-ground safe room in the basement in the garage. When building theabove-ground safe room, ensure the concrete is thick enough and in good condition. Also, it should have proper steel reinforcement. You should have the correct clasping hardware and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing this safe room. You should find a qualified engineer to help you with the installation process.

  1. Assemble an above the ground safe room

You can assemble large rooms in place and fasten them to a concrete slab. Again, ensure you follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions carefully. Above the ground, safe rooms are a good option for homes in locations with high water tables or bedrock as they prevent constructing an underground safe room.

  1. Have a safe room shed delivered

 If you do not have an impeccable concrete slab to build an above-ground safe room, you can look for a safe room shed. A secure room shed comes with its steel-reinforced concrete base. You only need to create a flat location that the delivery truck can reach.

  1. Bury a safe room in your backyard

You can be very safe in your underground safe when a storm occurs. However, water is an excellent factor when building an underground shelter. If you live in a flood-prone area, you should choose an above the ground safe room. You should put your underground safe room in a location where water will not get into the unit during a rainstorm.

  1. Bury a safe room inside your house

You can also have an underground safe room inside your house. The garage can be an ideal place to bury your safe room as you do not lose any square footage in your basement. Install the safe room unit in an open area to not have to move your car when running from an approaching disaster.

Bottom line

It is essential to have a safe room to keep you safe in times of storms. Ensure you inform your family and friends where your safe room is. You should hire a contractor to help you install your safe room to ensure it is up to standards. Also, you should stock your safe room with emergency supplies.

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