6 Blog Post Layout Tips to Keep Your Readers Engaged

6 Blog Post Layout Tips to Keep Your Readers Engaged


Did you know blogging regularly will boost your company and brand’s credibility? If you want some tips on the best blog post layouts, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over blog post layout tips.

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1. Consider Sentence and Paragraph Length

When writing blog content, you’ll want to be careful with paragraph and sentence length.

Even if your topic’s interesting, readers might get distracted. Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs.

When reading content online, you want to create a post that’s a quick read. Readers tend to scroll through the content and scan the paragraphs. If the sections are too long, it’s difficult to scan.

To keep people reading, make sure you stick to short paragraphs. Break up the longer posts into short sections. The reading experience is a lot easier and more digestible.

Keep your paragraphs short. Aim for three to four short sentences. Hemingway Editor is a great spot to edit your work. Long and difficult sentences will get flagged.

Shorter paragraphs will make your posts stand out.

2. Use Numbered Lists and Bullet Points

When writing your blog posts, you’ll also want to use numbered lists and bullet points.

Reread your post. Did you find a paragraph that you could break into a numbered list?

Using numbered or bulleted points will make your content easier to read. Also, the information on the list will be more memorable for readers.

3. Use Images

Make sure you use images when you create your posts.

Blog posts without images will appear too bare. Make sure you choose images that will match your branding. People will begin to associate the images and logos with your site and products.

People tend to expect a specific format when reading web copy. When reading posts, people expect to see the image at the top of the text.

You could also add text to your photos.

4. Bold Key Points

Even with your bulleted lists and subheadings, a blog post can appear bland. Highlight key points or phrases.

Search through the copy for these phrases and bold them. This way, readers will pause and see the critical phrases as they scroll.

5. Conclude the Post

Make sure you don’t finish your content too abruptly or tail off at random.

See how you can engage your readers. Summarize your post, conclude, or ask for feedback. Encourage people to leave a comment.

You can also invite them to read more of your content.

6. Use Color

When you create your blog, you’ll want to make a visual color guide. Stick to three colors. If you have too many colors, your blog will appear chaotic.

Make sure the color scheme doesn’t interrupt the flow of your post. The colors you choose should match the tone of your blog.

Now You Blog Post Layout Tips

We hope this guide on blog post layout design was helpful. Now that you know more blog post layout tips start creating compelling content.

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