5 Ways to Cope With Babies in Covid-19 Situation


Babies love crying. They have their own routines. Mothers should know the reasons why a baby is crying. Now everyone is restricted to home and it is a big trouble for new moms. Definitely, there are so many plans new moms make when they are expecting. Covid-19 pandemic has changed each and everything. From business to work, education to entertainment and personal health to baby fashion, there are huge transitions present in all fields. Moms looking for best baby soothing practices should focus on clothing. Coupon.ae lets the new moms shop variety of soothing clothes and accessories for babies. Don’t forget to apply Ounass discount code containing considerable savings on different baby apparels and outfits. Here are a few strategies new moms can use to keep baby easy during Covid-19.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable:

First of all, remember the simplest principle of keeping a baby comfortable. A baby comfortable in all aspects will only cry when s/he requires feeding. Ask the experienced mothers. They will explain what should be your routine in this period. Forget about the fashion for some time especially if you have a troubling or complex baby. Check out the latest baby apparel collections at Ounass UAE store and Ounass discount code for your own ease.

Engage the Siblings:

Well, elder brothers or sisters usually take more interest in newborn siblings. They would love to take care of the baby. Mothers should engage the elder siblings (if they are responsible and sensible enough) in different activities. For example, they can monitor the newborn while s/he sleeps. On the other hand, they can put a feeder in her/his mouth (when baby cries). However, it is necessary to encourage the elder siblings to follow “Social Distancing” rule. They should not stay close to newborn unnecessarily.  

Connect Your Baby With Others:

Is it not contradicting with the instructions we have discussed above? Well, this is true but there are ways to manage it. For example, moms can use Instagram, Twitter or other video sharing platforms such as YouTube. These are best sources to keep the newborn babies engaged. This method also keeps babies in good mood.

Surf and Buy Online:

Coupon.ae insists the mothers to check latest fashion and style at various online stores. Ladies in UAE has excellent opportunity to shop highly discounted fashion apparels, outfits and accessories with Ounass discount code. This is an amazing option to recognize what is happening in the fashion world. Designers and stylists are coming with new ideas even in the Covid-19 affected world.

Buy Comfortable Clothing For Babies:

Have you completed shopping with Ounass discount code? It is time to shop something good for your babies. Ounass store is the right place to buy trendy but easy apparels for babies. Whether it is hot or cold season, buying the suitable dresses for newborns and toddlers is very simple. We recommend the parents to remember the Coupon.ae especially if they are short of budget and want to shop discounted but quality apparels for babies.  

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