5 online courses taught by the best universities

5 online courses taught by the best universities

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The universities of the world aim to help society not only with conventional classes but with Online Remote Courses which are ideal for these safe days. 

Every lover and follower of architecture, as well as design, have at the click of dozens of workshops taught by the best universities in the world.

One of the best options when looking for free online courses is to do it through the platforms that offer courses from universities or organizations. 

In this sense, you make sure that the courses are going to be recognized by teachers, and on many occasions, you will be able to obtain a certificate that guarantees that you have finished the course.

Here are some courses on architecture and design that you can take for free thanks to some universities in the world. Look for the most interesting one and take it during the health contingency because of COVID-19.

1. The Architectural Imagination – Harvard:

Understanding architecture can be tricky. However, this course taught in several modules is offers a specialized, but simple way to delve into the subject. You will become a true connoisseur and perhaps after that you decide to study more in-depth.

There are courses for designers and architects, but also gamers.

2. Gamification – Pennsylvania:

If you are a fan of video games and are willing to learn everything about this way of life, you should take this online course. With 3 ramifications, you will learn absolutely everything about video game design and how it influences society and its fans from there. It also touches on other topics such as psychology and society.

3. Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology – Harvard:

For many people, talking about ancient Egypt is very difficult since its location is confusing, the construction of its pyramids is unexplained and its greatness is outstanding. The truth is that this course will not only solve those doubts, but it will also introduce you to the great history of Egypt and the civilization that made history.

4. Age of Cathedrals – Yale:

One of the best examples for understanding and appreciating architecture is the Gothic style, especially cathedrals. Therefore, Yale University teaches this course in which it explores the movement’s most iconic churches, as well as their social and cultural impact. They will make you want to take a tour of these works.

5. Edx – the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University:

Edx was launched in 2012 by the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University and aims to offer free online courses at the university level.

Through this website of free online courses, you can find the well-known Moocs, massive, and open online courses that cover a large number of disciplines at no cost.

The platform has over 2-million users and there are currently 47 institutes, non-profit organizations, corporations, and international organizations offering courses on the edX website.

In this way, today there are dozens of websites where you can find free Online Remote Courses. However, not all of them offer the course you need and are even somewhat vague at times. Therefore, if you are looking for a free online course, you can get details of any of these courses.

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